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With so many treatment options for Type 2 Diabetes -- from pills like Metformin, to non-insulin injectable agents, to insulin -- it has never been easier to find a medication that is right for you. Apart from lowering blood sugar, many medications can also help you lose weight and protect your heart and kidneys from the complications of diabetes.
Patients with more advanced diabetes even have the option of such new technologies as continuous glucose monitoring devices and insulin pumps. Interested in exploring devices? See what device is right for you here.

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Other Type 2 Diabetes Treatment Options

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Compare Name Manufacturer Type Class Cost Follow
Precose Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals By Mouth (Tablet) Alpha-glucosidase inhibitors $91.64
Glyset Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals By Mouth (Tablet) Alpha-glucosidase inhibitors $180.79
Glucophage Bristol-Myers Squibb By Mouth (Tablet) Biguanides $26.90
Glucophage XR Bristol-Myers Squibb By Mouth (Tablet) Biguanides $26.90
Fortamet Andrx Labs, Inc. By Mouth (Tablet) Biguanides $26.90

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