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If you have more advanced diabetes, new technologies can greatly simplify how you manage your blood sugars. Continuous glucose monitors are implantable devices that track your blood sugars without the need for frequent fingersticks; they can be used alone or paired with a pump if your doctor has recommended insulin. There are several device options to choose from - explore below for the one that is right for you.

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Continuous Glucose Monitors
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Recommended Lifestyle Changes

Other Type 2 Diabetes Device Options

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Insulin Delivery

Compare Name Manufacturer
How To Take It
Cost Follow
Insulin Syringes & Vials (Assorted) Many. Syringe Insulin Delivery <$40 for 100 syringes
Tresiba Flextouch U-100 (Insulin degludec) Novo Nordisk Pen Insulin Delivery
Tresiba Flextouch U-200 (Insulin degludec) Novo Nordisk Pen Insulin Delivery
Fiasp Flextouch (Insulin aspart injection) Novo Nordisk Pen Insulin Delivery
Levemir Flextouch (Insulin detemir) Novo Nordisk Pen Insulin Delivery

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