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3 Important Tips for Sticking to Your Diabetes Diet Plan

March 17, 2020 | in Food & Diet, Emotional Health, Lifestyle Changes

Author Renee Laguda, RN - Cebu Normal University
Previously: Surgical Department Staff Nurse - Davao Regional Medical Center
Editorial Review Phoebe Stoye, A.B. in Neurobiology, Harvard College

A 2016 study, published by the Patient Preference and Adherence Journal, investigated self-perceived barriers related to complying to a Type 2 Diabetes diet among patients across the country. The results: the biggest barrier to maintaining a successful diet were feelings of deprivation as a result of strict eating regimens. In other words, people felt deprived from eating delicious but unhealthy foods.

Despite how creative people have gotten with meal planning, there are many individuals with Type 2 Diabetes who struggle with their diet. But, there is always a way around it—a more self-loving, nurturing approach that goes beyond limitations and technicalities. Today, we will be talking about three important tips that will help you stick with your diabetes diet.

Ask yourself: why is it challenging for you to stick to your Type 2 Diabetes diet?"

Self-help books, motivational gurus, and podcasts can encourage us to look inwards and ask the big questions. We can apply these same principles to help us achieve the health outcomes we want. First, we must develop adequate awareness of our current situation and acknowledge that we need to do something about it. When we are more accepting of our condition, we are more able to take charge of our health and mindset. Additionally, we should find ways to remind ourselves about our personal commitments to living healthier and better.

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Get Involved, Be Down to Experiment with Food, Get Busy in the Kitchen

Who says meal planning has to be a chore? When you involve yourself in the process of creating your own menus, you are able to see what actually goes into your food. Now that's a truly rewarding experience! You can even experiment with old-time favorites, as well as substituting ingredients with healthier options. There are tons of recipes, like these budget-friendly ideas, or these family-friendly recipes, that feature hearty, diabetic-friendly meals. The best part is that they taste so good, you'll forget you're on a diet!
If you want meal inspiration from a fellow person with Type 2 Diabetes, check out Shelby Kinnaird's story about her experiences in the kitchen!

Don't forget about self-care & your emotional health

In this journey towards a healthier lifestyle, there are a few bumps along the way that may emerge. Sometimes, we forget and punish ourselves to the point that we cannot continue with our personal commitments. More often than not, these unhealthy eating patterns lead to demotivation, falling away from our meal plans, and even mental health concerns like depression. But we can encourage ourselves—especially when we have feelings of self-doubt. The kinder you are to yourself, the more able you will be to get back up from setbacks that can derail the whole process.

There you have it! These tips are at the heart of successful diabetic regimen compliance. Whatever it is that's holding you back from progress, you just have to let it go. You are strong, capable, and full of energy. Eat healthy, exercise, follow your doctor's advice, and take on the world as you would.


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