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Kathleen Heery

Kathy is a master's level RN and has decades of experience in healthcare and aging care industries working from national corporate positions to owning and operating a small business. She has built models and methods to manage complex, chronic care situations for elders and their families outside of acute care settings. Kathy is a boomer and engages individuals through her workshops and programs that offer tips on planning for the aging experience and guiding people through complex situations. She is the founder of Positive Aging Solutions Consultants, speaks frequently throughout the region and has authored/published five books. Certifications: CCM (Certified Case Manager), CCP (Certified Chronic Care Professional)

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Principal and Founder at Positive Aging Solutions

3/24/2020 - Current

Boston, MA

Complex Care Consults for Families and Providers Assist with complex care situations (emphasis on Medicare, insurances review/advice and how to map to clinical and aging situations). The service provides a full 360 review and a 10 point situational analysis using a consistent approach; this approach quantifies and generates outcomes aligned with medical and non-medical services/supports. Two main service offerings: Continuum Models and Methods for Innovative Businesses:How to assemble and build on ideas from conception to execution including blueprints, workflows and communication strategies. Theses consulting services assist organizations to identify clear goals, integrate or partner with specific service or product providers and build more responsive and affordable solutions to today's challenges Group and Individual Sessions built on a "Learning Community" Approach: Educational experiences that reframe the aging process away disease and decline to one of expansion and engagement for people of all ages. Kathy merges her journalism and media background with clinical and case management experience to ensure content is current, accurate, clear, unbiased and most of all fun.