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How Do We Make Sure That Everything On Caretalk Is Clinically Accurate?


Our Board of Medical Advisors was tasked with coming up with a set of checks to review every piece of conent.

Meet the Board

Here's how the editorial process works:


1. The Article Or Suggestion Is Submitted.

All experts (clinicans, researchers, etc.) who are a part of Caretalk apply to join, and are verified by the Board of Medical Advisors. Once someone is approved as an expert, they can write articles on any topic that they wish, ranging from clinical practices to research.


2. The Editorial Team Makes Changes.

The editorial team is made up of an internal Caretalk team (meet our team here!). While we want a broad diversity in expert voices, we make light edits to the articles to make sure it is appropriate and educates people about their health in a positive way.


3. The Board of Medical Advisors Reviews The Article

The Board of Medical Advisors reads over (or "peer-reviews") every single clinical and research article to ensure that the content is scientifically sound and updated. When you read an article, you can see who reviewed it. Here's the checklist they use:

The clinical review checklist:

  • Does the manuscript appropriately reference all of its scientific/clinical claims?
  • Where the manuscript offers an opinion/commentary/recommendations, is the reasoning logically sound?
  • Does the author disclose specific conflicts of interest with the content? If so, does the author adequately acknowledge these and moderate their claims and content as is appropriate for an information website?
  • Is information provided up to date with the latest knowledge of the subject?
  • Are statistical analyses of research studies and clinical trials accurately interpreted and translated in a simple, easy-to-understand way?

4. We do a final check, and publish the article.

Our Caretalk editorial team does a final read-over the article to make sure there are no other grammar or tone changes, and to make sure it's readable for a variety of audiences. Then we publish, and the article is credited to the expert user!

Now, check out some of the expert-written articles.