To our community: Due to circumstances surrounding CONVID-19, Clinical Research IO had to make the difficult decision to discontinue funding for Caretalk. We've decided to leave the website up as a resource for the community. Thank you so much to everyone who made this possible, and please enjoy!

We Believe That People Should Be Empowered With Health Information They Can Trust

Caretalk is a medically-reviewed community where patients, caregivers, and experts share up-to-date information and support each other in health and research.

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Our Story

Caretalk was started by a team at Clinical Research IO, an innovative company that brings technology to clinical research.

After our team delved into the problem that the majority of trials fail because they don't enroll enough patients, we realized that most people aren't even thinking of research in their health decisions. This gave us an idea: What if we built a website that helps patients to better understand and manage their health (like a super-charged version of WebMD) while also providing a place where they can learn more about clinical research and trials? So if a patient is interested in participating in trials, Caretalk can help them find the trials that are right for them - and in the process we can help to speed up research on new cures!

The information on Caretalk is driven by you, the community of clinicians, patients, and families. This means it is medically accurate (learn how!) and keeps up with new research.

Our Team

Leading Team

  •  Raymond NomizuCEO
    Clinical Research IO
  •  Phoebe StoyeProduct Manager
  •  Brendan YangLead Engineer
  •  Saul WoolfSoftware Engineer
  •  Khan LeeUX Designer
  •  Joy LiMarketing
  •  Emma WelchMarketing
  •  Sravya CharyMarketing
  •  Archanaa Muragan, MDClinical Editor

Medical Advisory Board

  •  Spencer Hey, PhDCo-Director of Research Ethics, Harvard Center for Bioethics
  •  Felicia Greenfield, MSW, LCSWExecutive Director, University of Pennsylvania's Penn Memory Center
  •  Nicholas Yozamp, MD Clinical/Research Fellow in Endocrinology, Brigham and Women's Hospital
  •  Sowmya Chary, MDAssociate Medical Director of Global Patient Safety Evaluation, Industry Professional
  •  Benedict Albensi, PhD, BCMAS, CRQMProfessor of Pharmacology and Dementia Research Chair, St. Boniface Hospital Research Center & the University of Manitoba

Why Are Clinical Trials Important?

Clinical trials are a cornerstone of medicine. Almost every improvement in medical care over the past 50+ years has happened because of a clinical trial! But Clinical trials are also not possible without patient volunteers.

While participating in a clinical trial is not for everyone, the goal of Caretalk is to help everyone understand more about the clinical trials that impact them and their loved ones.

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The Caretalk community shares information about health conditions (articles, stories, pictures, videos, and more).

Patients & experts who have been involved with clinical trials share their experiences.

Our goal is to increase participation in research.
Patients may choose to enroll in a clinical trial through Caretalk. Caretalk is then paid by the researchers.

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